Frenchman living in London Tokyo.

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page. — Augustine of Hippo


My full name is Grégoire, but you can call me Greg (unless you want to practice your French pronunciation)


Things I believe in

➀  I believe in startups and entrepreneurs.

➀  I believe in startups and entrepreneurs.

Growing up on a small French island left me with an appreciation for being small, yet passionate. I'm focusing on helping people launch their ideas.

➁  I believe in helping people find their passion.

➁  I believe in helping people find their passion.

Being a self-taught designer made me realize the importance of finding your own path. I'm currently helping and mentoring people.

➂  I believe in a new kind of education.

➂  I believe in a new kind of education.

Through learning design, kitesurfing, photography and currently Japanese, I've experienced a different path that I'd like to share with people who feel frustrated with traditional education.

Obsessive curiosity about details

Japan is an endless source of inspiration

I've been fascinated by 🇯🇵Japanese attention to detail. Everything is intentional and thought-out. Daily-life can be an endless inspiration reservoir if you practice observation. Here are 3 examples ↓

In train stations, you can hear bird chirping. Their purpose is to guide blind people to the exit. It's an elegant solution, for a blind person bird = outside and for the rest of us it's a soothing sound.


This zig-zag bridge has a purpose other than aesthetics: each turn will make you turn your body, revealing a new perspective on the side of the bridge that has been anticipated. 


Unplan's open counter make you feel welcome. When checking in, you're not face-to-face but looking together at the computer. 

Informal Timeline

What Linkedin doesn't tell you

Sep 2016

Graduate from a dual-degree in Engineering and Business. While job-hunting, I start studying design on the side.

Jan 2017

I go to a startup incubator to propose free help in design. I help a startup for one week, it's a win-win: I get to train on real problems and they get free help. 

Mar 2017

Find a 6-month design internship in a Parisian startup.

Jun 2017

Win 2nd prize at Louis Vuitton x Microsoft hackathon about rethinking the UX of personalized orders.

Sep 2017

Find a full-time job as a designer.

Jun 2018

I quit my job and go freelance to focus on my first love: helping startups.

— Present

Still freelancing and I've happily helped Dashlane for 1+ year.