Frenchman living in London Tokyo.


My full name is Grégoire, but you can call me Greg (unless you want to practice your French pronunciation)


Obsessive curiosity about details

Japan is an endless source of inspiration

I've been fascinated by 🇯🇵Japanese attention to detail: everything is intentional. Daily-life in Japan can be an endless inspiration reservoir. Here are 3 examples ↓

In train stations, you can hear bird chirping. Their purpose is to guide blind people to the exit. I love the elegance here: for a blind person birds = outside and for the rest of us it's a soothing sound.


This zig-zag bridge has a purpose other than aesthetics: each turn will turn your body, revealing a new perspective on the side of the bridge that has been anticipated. 


This hotel's open counter make you feel welcome. When checking in, you're not face-to-face but looking together at the computer. 

Things I believe in

➀  I believe in startups and entrepreneurs.

➀  I believe in startups and entrepreneurs.

Growing up on a small Atlantic island left me with an appreciation for being small, yet passionate. I'm focusing on helping people launch their ideas.

➁  I believe in helping people find their spark.

➁  I believe in helping people find their passion.

Being a self-taught designer made me realize the importance of finding your own path. I'm currently helping and mentoring people.

➂  I believe in a new kind of education.

➂  I believe in a new kind of education.

Through learning design, kitesurfing, photography and currently Japanese, I've experienced a different path that I'd like to share with people who feel frustrated with traditional education.

Informal Timeline

What Linkedin doesn't tell you

Sep 2016

I've always been drawn to design but thought of it as inaccessible because of my studies (I graduated with a dual-degree in Engineering and Business).

While job-hunting, I discover UX Design. I realize this is how I approach things, I just didn't know there was a job for it. I start studying it on the side, hoping to make the transition.

Jan 2017

I go to a startup incubator to propose free help in design. I end up helping a startup for one week, it's a win-win: I get to train on real problems and they get free help. 

Mar 2017

A Parisian startup founder gives me my chance with a 6-month design internship.

Jun 2017

I enter a Louis Vuitton x Microsoft hackathon about rethinking the UX of personalized orders. My team wins the 2nd prize.

Sep 2017

After reading my article about the Paris metro ticket machine, one design manager offers me a full-time role.

Jun 2018

I quit my job and go freelance to focus on my first love: helping startups.

— Present

Still freelancing and I've happily helped Dashlane for 1+ year.